Set Up Coinbase Pay In Your Unity Project

Set Up Coinbase Pay In Your Unity Project - thirdweb Guides

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up Coinbase Pay inside a Unity game using our GamingKit integration!

Coinbase Pay allows you to implement a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp within your games; enabling you to create an elegant user experience for players who might be new to the crypto space. We'll show you how to create a flow where:

  1. The player clicks a button in your game.
  2. A new tab opens where the player can purchase some cryptocurrency.
  3. The player returns to the game with a funded wallet.
Preview of the Coinbase Pay integration

Let's get started!

Set Up Coinbase Pay

Follow the steps below to get started using Coinbase Pay:

  1. Create a Coinbase Cloud Account.
  2. Apply for Coinbase Pay by providing a brief description of your application.
You need to submit an application to be approved and provided with an appId to use Coinbase Pay. If you include thirdweb in your application description, your submission will be prioritized!

Add A Coinbase Pay Flow In Unity

To get started, follow our guide on installing and configuring the Unity SDK below.

Get Started With thirdweb’s Unity SDK
Learn how to install thirdweb’s Unity SDK into your project, add connect wallet and web3 functionality in C# scripts and build a web3 game.

From within Unity, create a new folder within Assets called Scripts. Within the scripts folder, create a new C# Script called Demo. Open this file in your text editor.

Within this file, we're going to first instantiate the SDK, and then create an OnboardUser method containing three steps:

  1. Connect to the user's wallet by calling sdk.wallet.Connect.
  2. Begin the Coinbase Pay flow by calling sdk.FundWallet and providing our appId.
  3. Get the user's new balance after they finish purchasing their crypto, by calling the sdk.wallet.GetBalance method.
using Thirdweb;
using UnityEngine;

public class Demo : MonoBehaviour
    private ThirdwebSDK sdk;

    void Start()
        sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("polygon");

    public async void OnboardUser()
        // 1. Connect the user's wallet (here we're using Coinbase Wallet).
        string address =
            await sdk
                .Connect(new WalletConnection()
                    provider = WalletProvider.CoinbaseWallet, // Use Coinbase Wallet
                    chainId = 137 // Switch the wallet Polygon network on connection

        // 2. Call the "FundWallet" function to trigger the Coinbase Pay flow.
        await sdk
            .FundWallet(new FundWalletOptions()
                appId = "<your-app-id-here>",
                address = address,
                chainId = 137

        // 3. Call the "GetBalance" function to get the user's balance after they purchase.
        var balance = await sdk.wallet.GetBalance();

From the Unity editor, let's create a simple Canvas with a button to demonstrate the flow, using the following steps:

  • From the Hierarchy window, right-click and add a UI > Canvas element
  • Within the Canvas, add a UI > Button element.
  • Drag your Demo script onto your Canvas to add it as a component.
Create the Get Funds button
Create the Get Funds button

Finally, add the OnboardUser function to the on-click handler of the button like so:

Add the OnboardUser function to on-click handler
Add the OnboardUser function to on-click handler

Wrapping Up

That's it! 🎉 You've created a powerful onboarding experience for the players of your game by using GamingKit's Coinbase Pay integration!

If you have questions, contact us in our Discord to speak with our team directly!