Introducing CommerceKit, in collaboration with Shopify

Introducing CommerceKit, in collaboration with Shopify

Today, we’re excited to partner up with Shopify to launch thirdweb’s CommerceKit: the all-in-one platform for developers to build web3-enabled eCommerce apps — without the blockchain complexity.

The future of eCommerce is here

One of the largest paradigm shifts that came from the birth of the internet is eCommerce — enabling anyone to buy or sell anything, from anywhere in the world. As the industry continues to see explosive growth, brands are leveraging new technologies to create innovative ways to serve their customers, and one of those technologies is web3.

More brands are turning towards the blockchain to provide more delightful shopping experiences and build better brand affinity with customers — unlocking powerful features like exclusive token-gated access, on-chain loyalty programs, and NFT-based digital collectibles. But the tools to build web3 commerce apps have been limited & outdated, making it difficult to build on the blockchain… until today.

Introducing thirdweb’s CommerceKit

Today we join forces with Shopify, leveraging their 17 years of eCommerce experience, to launch CommerceKit: a web3 development framework that makes it easy to build blockchain-enabled eCommerce apps.

We firmly believe that web3 will transform commerce by empowering merchants with the tools for them to unlock additional revenue streams, and new ways to engage with customers that weren’t possible before. To accelerate this transformation, we built CommerceKit so that developers can build seamless user experiences and best-in-class web3 commerce apps — without them, or merchants, dealing with the complexity of building on a blockchain.

For developers and merchants, we’re making it easier to integrate web3 features into their stores & websites. With CommerceKit, you can:

  • Distribute membership passes and create on-chain loyalty programs — rewarding loyal customers with exclusive free drops, token-gated products, discounts, and even IRL shopping experiences
  • Sell digital collectibles directly through your storefronts, and collect royalties from secondary sales (e.g. one-of-one NFTs, open editions, trading packs, etc.)
  • Leverage on-chain data and merge it with existing web2 data to build a more complete customer profile — with web3 metrics such as digital asset ownership and transactions to build more personalized shopping experiences & targeted marketing campaigns

For consumers, we’re making it easier to interact with web3 eCommerce apps without previous blockchain experience — with features like:

  • Gasless relayers for merchants to subsidize consumers’ gas fees for blockchain transactions
  • Easy NFT checkout for users to buy digital collectibles with credit cards
  • Seamless wallet sign-in so that users can log in & manage their accounts seamlessly in the simplest way possible — supporting all of the most popular wallets (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and more)

And for developers, we make it as easy as possible to build blockchain-enabled eCommerce apps by providing a complete web3 development toolkit. Read along to learn more about what that means.

Permissionless, composable, best-in-class web3 tools

thirdweb is designed to be completely composable, with no vendor lock-in. As a developer, this means that you can use as many (or as few) thirdweb products as you want. Whether you want to use thirdweb’s tools for decentralized storage, auth, and fiat onramp — or bring your own providers — is completely up to you.

So what’s in the box?

We’ve launched CommerceKit with a suite of tools that work with 700+ EVM chains, out of the box, for free. This includes:

  • Explore: Our collection of pre-built, audited, and customizable smart contracts — all deployable in one click — for the most popular commerce use cases: token-gating for exclusive access, revenue splits for brand collaborations, NFT airdrops for loyal (& potential) customers, and more. You can also build your own contract with ContractKit, which provides you with base contracts that can be configured with extensions.
  • Web3 SDKs: Blockchain SDKs for developers to easily integrate smart contracts and digital assets into eCommerce apps — supporting all the most popular languages such as React, TypeScript, Python, and Go.
  • Web3 Auth: Connect existing web2 insights with on-chain data to build a more complete profile for your customers — creating more personalized buying experiences.
  • Multi-Chain Support: Connect to over 700+ EVM-compatible blockchains, without changing a single line of code.
  • Deploy: Build web3 apps & deploy smart contracts seamlessly with our best-in-class deployment workflow, designed for team collaboration.
  • UI Components: Integrate plug-and-play UI components for users to interact with the blockchain easily — without even realizing it.
  • Dashboards: Manage, analyze, and interact with all of your deployed contracts conveniently from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Coming soon to CommerceKit

Keep an eye out for future updates to CommerceKit as we look to expand the current offering and further innovate on Web3 commerce, including:

  • Analytics: Monitor all of your smart contract activity with pre-built reports and data visualizations. Query & view on-chain web3 insights with advanced filtering. Understand what your web3 metrics look like — such as USD transaction volume, unique wallet addresses, and total gas spent.
  • Wallet SDK: Add one line of code to support all types of wallets including non-custodial wallets, semi-custodial/custodial wallets, email wallets, device wallets, and smart contract wallets. Integrate plug-and-play UI components for any wallet into your website, with on-chain customization rulesets.

Build web3 eCommerce apps with thirdweb

The future is bright for web3 commerce. We’ve already seen what the blockchain unlocks in creating delightful customer experiences, building brand affinity, and creating new revenue streams for brands — and we’re just barely scratching the surface.

We’re excited to power the next evolution of eCommerce, making web3 tools more accessible so that every merchant can leverage the benefits of the blockchain.

If you’d like to learn about how CommerceKit can accelerate your web3 commerce apps, reach out to the team! Build web3 eCommerce apps today, for free: