Bringing web3 tools to all 700+ EVM chains

thirdweb introduces its best-in-class web3 development framework to all EVM-compatible blockchai

The first universal web3 framework

Today, we’re excited to announce that thirdweb now works out-of-the-box with any smart contract, on any EVM-compatible blockchain — becoming the first chain-agnostic web3 framework.

We built thirdweb to bring best-in-class tools to every developer in web3. Since launch, we’ve empowered 70,000+ developers to deploy 200,000+ smart contracts across Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Fantom.

By adding support for all EVM-compatible blockchains, we’re taking a huge step forward in making our tools accessible to developer ecosystems across all of Ethereum.

So what does 'any contract, any chain' mean?

  • Our dashboard now works with any existing smart contract, irrespective of when or how it was deployed
  • Any developer can use our best-in-class SDKs, for the most popular languages, to interact with smart contracts & web3 applications
  • thirdweb now works out-of-the-box with any EVM-compatible chain — going from supporting 7 blockchains to 700+
thirdweb's web3 tools are now compatible with any contract, on any EVM chain

Any web3 developer can now plug their smart contracts right into our dashboard — even if they’re not deployed with thirdweb — and unlock our full-stack web3 development kit, which includes:

  • SDKs for React, JavaScript, Unity, Python & Go
  • A decentralized storage service that uploads & pins files to IPFS for you
  • Plug-and-play UI components for frontend applications
  • An intuitive dashboard to manage all your contracts in one place
  • … and more

Read along to learn more about how to get started & what this means for all of web3.

Empowering web3 developers with best-in-class tools

thirdweb’s tools now work with any existing smart contract, regardless of how it was deployed. To get started, simply head over to our Dashboard, enter your contract address, and watch the magic happen:

Doing this will generate a custom dashboard for you to build, launch, and manage web3 apps — which includes:

  • A contract overview page
  • A block explorer with live events and transactions
  • Tabs for you to manage tokens, permissions
  • … and more

See for yourself & try it with any contract!

Contracts deployed outside of thirdweb will also have the same SDK experience as those deployed with our tools; you won’t have to deal with ABIs ever again.

Building a dApp on a smart contract deployed outside of thirdweb: before vs. now
Building a dApp on a smart contract deployed outside of thirdweb: before vs. now

Using thirdweb’s CLI, you can also deploy your contract to any EVM-compatible chain with a single command (no RPC necessary, and without the risk of leaking your private keys):

npx thirdweb deploy

From support for 7 blockchains to 700+

As part of this update, thirdweb has gone from supporting 7 chains to over 700 — unlocking our tools for developer ecosystems spanning all EVM-compatible blockchains. All of the chains we support are shown in our Chainlist:

RPCs, Faucets, & Explorers for 700+ Chains | thirdweb Chainlist

In our Chainlist, you can look up any EVM-compatible blockchain — including mainnets and testnets — and discover resources to like RPCs, block explorers, faucets, and more for each:

Don't see your protocol listed? Let us know.

Within the thirdweb Dashboard, you can also easily search for & add any network to Your Networks, including custom EVM chains! All you need is your chain ID and a RPC URL:

Search & add any EVM network to your thirdweb Dashboard

Build with thirdweb’s tools: permissionless, composable, and owned by you

The future is multi-chain, and we're excited to open up our web3 toolkit to developer ecosystems spanning 700+ blockchains.

Get started with thirdweb by deploying any contract, import an existing one, and building on any EVM-compatible blockchain! Simply head over to our dashboard and search for your contract address. 🔍

If you've got any questions, drop us a line in our Discord community! And if you're building in the EVM ecosystem & want to learn more about how thirdweb's tools can benefit you, feel free to reach out directly.

It's time to ship. 🚢