thirdweb acquires Blocktorch, bringing performant infrastructure to every EVM chain

thirdweb acquires Blocktorch, bringing performant infrastructure to every EVM chain

Today, we’re excited to announce that thirdweb has acquired Blocktorch, a leading web3 observability platform.

With this acquisition, thirdweb now offers the most complete blockchain development stack.

Blocktorch’s core team will be joining thirdweb to achieve our joint mission of building best-in-class web3 development tools and accelerating our RPC and indexer products as part of our roadmap. 

Why Blocktorch?

Blocktorch offers a comprehensive solution for developing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing decentralized applications.

Blocktorch's end-to-end web3 observability platform enables engineering teams to focus on shipping while maintaining best in class user experience even when user loads scales fast.

The Blocktorch team share thirdweb’s mission to build best-in-class web3 development tools, and together we will be able to accelerate this mission whilst providing world-class solutions to our customers. 

What does this mean for developers?

Data analysis and error diagnosis for decentralized applications is a resource consuming task, with engineering teams trying to collect, decode, analyze and understand data across the fragmented web3 App architecture stack.

Blocktorch does the heavy lifting, allowing devs to proactively understand the performance and health of dApps and minimize mean time to recovery in case of incidents.

“thirdweb's powerful full stack platform makes it possible to build amazingly seamless web3 apps without having to deal with all the complexity of a fragmented architecture stack. We share the mission of providing a better developer experience to expand the potential of blockchain technology, and are excited to enable the builders of the next generation of apps together now.”

Gery Pollak, BD Lead at thirdweb (prev. CEO @ Blocktorch)

Expanding the thirdweb team

Today, we’re also thrilled to welcome 4 new faces from Blocktorch to the thirdweb team:

thirdweb is assembling a world class team to bring engineering excellence to web3, and we're excited to welcome the blocktorch team to accelerate the ecosystem and pave the way for web3 adoption — with our tools already powering thousands of household brands, creator platforms, onchain games, decentralized social networks, and much more.

Our team shares many values when it comes to building high-quality developer tools at a fast pace. We are obsessed with simplifying web3 development for developers to build onchain, and believe that combining forces with the blocktorch team will accelerate our mission and raise the bar for the industry.

– Jake Loo, CTO & Co-Founder @ thirdweb