Launch Production-Ready Appchains with thirdweb and AvaCloud

Launch Production-Ready Appchains with thirdweb and AvaCloud

We’re excited to partner with AvaCloud to bring our full suite of web3 tools to developers on every Avalanche Subnet.

Developers will now be able to easily deploy high-performance blockchain infrastructure on Avalanche with just a few clicks, with our full web3 development toolkit compatible out-of-the box.

Avalanche’s performant, secure, & low-cost blockchains (or Subnets) will enable any Web3 app or game to auto-scale — and AvaCloud bundles this all-in-one expertly managed blockchain service.

thirdweb’s integration into AvaCloud enables anyone to build comprehensive apps with tools for Wallets, Payments, Contracts, and Infrastructure — while also running customizable blockchains stress-free.

Creating the most performant web3 experience, from infrastructure to apps

AvaCloud brings Avalanche Subnets to market quickly and with minimal stress. Subnets address key pain points impacting other blockchain scaling solutions.

Avalanche Subnets enable anyone to:

  • Launch independent blockchains that maintain their own security 
  • Leverage all of the tooling & the novel consensus protocol powering Avalanche
  • Run apps with ultra-fast transaction speeds on dedicated blockchains as apps do not have to compete with each other for infrastructure resources

All of this is powered by our full web3 product suite to build any app or game.

thirdweb Enables AvaCloud to Empower Builders with Production-Grade Web3 Tools

Launching a new blockchain means developers have to start from scratch as they don’t benefit from developer tools and infrastructure available on the newly launched blockchain. All tooling must be integrated into the new blockchain for any developer to be able to use within their workflows.

thirdweb’s integration into AvaCloud finally enables anyone to build comprehensive apps, while also running customizable blockchains stress-free. 

With thirdweb, developers will be able to build user-friendly wallets, deploy smart contracts, and more.

  • Easily Onboard Users with Customizable Wallets: Upgrade your users’ onboarding experience from fully customizable Connect Wallet modals to flexible login options, including email, social, and more.
  • Deploy Any Smart Contract with One-Click: Choose from a full suite of pre-built, audited smart contracts for every use case, including NFTs, tokens, staking, loot boxes, marketplaces, and more. Or, build your own custom contracts using thirdweb’s SDKs.
  • Quickly Build Applications: To date, over 100,000 developers have built their solutions using thirdweb, featuring over 300,000 deployed smart contracts. Everything you need to maximize your app’s performance and capabilities is readily available.

We're excited to announce that 15+ developers and studios are already building with thirdweb and AvaCloud's solution today.

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