Introducing thirdweb Pay

Introducing thirdweb Pay

Today, we're excited to introduce thirdweb Pay: Add credit card onramps and cross-chain crypto purchases directly in your app.

Onchain purchases are difficult. The onus for any digital purchase in web3 falls on your end users, many of which visit your application without funds in their wallet. At a minimum, they need to know:

  1. How to fund their web3 wallet
  2. Which chain your app is on
  3. Which token your app users so they can transact

This friction leads to heavy user churn and loss of revenue before users could even get to a sale.

thirdweb Pay streamlines all of this by integrating into your application wherever your users need funds the most. Pay is a complete point-of-sale payments solution, with:

  • End-to-end credit card processing
  • Liquidity aggregation for the lowest swap fees
  • Built-in UI components for the best user flows
  • Fee splitting on all crypto-to-crypto purchases so you can earn

All of this means that you can start generating revenue for your application for free.

Seamless Onchain Payments For Every Use Case

Pay can be used to power onboarding, purchases, and more anywhere in your app to keep your users where they need to be—in your app.

With Pay you can:

  • Onramp users into your application’s token.
  • Use a credit card to pay directly for an in-game item.
  • Allow users to deposit funds from fiat to your DEX smart contract.
  • Enable tipping from fiat and other paid features in web3 social applications.

thirdweb handles all the complexities behind onramping to help maximize user retention. All you need is one simple command: npm i thirdweb

Start building with Pay

Pay takes only a few minutes to integrate, is free to use, and comes with flexible integration options to suit your use case:

  • Embedded - For developers who want onramp and crypto purchase experiences directly in their application.
  • Transaction Flow - For developers who want users to onramp or purchase crypto directly into transactions like minting and NFT purchases.
  • ConnectButton - For developers who want out-of-the-box onramp and crypto support complete with wallet and social login.

Start generating more revenue today by visiting our docs:

thirdweb Pay - thirdweb
thirdweb Pay - Fast, flexible credit card and crypto point of sale

Onboarding the next billion users to web3 starts with seamless payments

We’re excited to lead the next generation of web3 payments solutions, giving every developer the tools necessary to build best-in-class checkout experiences & enabling them to onboard the next billion users to web3.

If you’d like to learn more, join our Discord community of 40,000+ builders, or reach out to the team directly!