Introducing: Connect Embed

Introducing: Connect Embed

Today, we're excited to introduce the Connect Embed component — rendering the same UI as our Connect Wallet modal, but fully embedded within your app:


See the Connect Embed demo in action

The Connect Embed supports all of the most popular web3 wallets:

ConnectEmbed with default wallets

And you can add social login support using thirdweb's Embedded Wallets — enabling users to sign in with an email, Google, Apple, Facebook, or 𝕏 account:

ConnectEmbed with embedded wallet login options

You can also enforce Sign-in with wallet after wallet connection to prove user identity by setting up authConfig in ThirdwebProvider component.

ConnectEmbed sign-in screen

Refer to ConnectEmbed Documentation for more information — and build your own custom embed in the Connect Wallet playground.

The Connect Embed is available in both our React SDK & React Native SDK — with example repos for both: