Introducing Buy with Crypto

Introducing Buy with Crypto

Today, we’re excited to introduce Buy with Crypto: The easiest way for users to purchase crypto assets directly in your app—with any token, on any EVM chain.

It comes with built-in bridging & swapping, is completely free to integrate, and enables you to earn revenue for every user transaction on your app.

The next generation of onchain payments

The majority of onchain innovation is now happening on Layer 2 networks, with the most popular consumer crypto apps being built on top of them — onboarding users with low fees & high throughput. On top of this, breakout apps are integrating digital tokens into their core user experiences — adding inherent viral growth loops & creating new funding models for builders.

But cross-chain interoperability is still a major obstacle to mass adoption — forcing users to abandon the onboarding flow, buy crypto, bridge to the correct chain, swap to the correct token, and come back to interact with your app. This causes friction, prevents users from transacting and leads to high churn.

Today, we’re solving this problem with Buy with Crypto.

Introducing Buy with Crypto

Buy with Crypto enables users to make crypto-to-crypto transactions on any EVM chain, directly within your app — reducing user churn and unlocking revenue for your app.

Under the hood, Buy With Crypto handles the complexity of cross-chain routing by leveraging several liquidity providers to find the most affordable and least complex route for any crypto to crypto transaction.

And the best part: Buy with Crypto is completely free to integrate and unlocks a new revenue stream for your app. It does this by collecting a fee per transaction from users — sending a portion of this fee back to you.

Why use Buy With Crypto?

  • Free To Integrate: No upfront costs or subscriptions. Just integrate with a single line of code and unlock crypto purchases instantly for your users.
  • Fee Sharing: Instantly earn a 30% share on all fees collected through your application when you integrate Buy With Crypto.
  • Liquidity Aggregation: thirdweb aggregates several liquidity providers under the hood to ensure that every swap is possible.
  • Built-in Connect Support: Buy With Crypto is enabled by default for your users through our Connect UI component.
  • Any EVM: Buy With Crypto will support any token on any EVM, starting with USDC and native tokens across Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Ethereum, Polygon, and Optimism.

The Next Generation of thirdweb Checkout

Buy With Crypto is the first service supporting our efforts to evolve our payments experience. Stay tuned for the launch of our full end-to-end fiat-to-execution solution, called thirdweb Pay.

thirdweb Pay will replace our previous checkout product, NFT Checkout, and enable use cases beyond purchasing ERC721s. To stay up to date on payments, follow us on X and join our Discord.

Onboarding the next billion users to web3 starts with seamless cross-chain payments

We’re excited to lead the next generation of web3 payments, giving every developer the tools necessary to build best-in-class checkout experiences & enabling them to onboard the next billion users to web3.

Integrate Buy with Crypto for free — in a few lines of code:

If you’d like to learn more, join our Discord community of 40,000+ builders, or reach out to the team directly!