Set Up Coinbase Cloud Node In Your Unity Project

Set Up Coinbase Cloud Node In Your Unity Project

In this guide, we'll show you how to setup a Coinbase Cloud Node to read data from and write transactions to the blockchain using our Unity SDK!

Node provides you with 120,000 daily requests for free; making it the perfect candidate for building awesome web3 games with!

Let's get started!

Creating A Coinbase Cloud Node

You'll first need to set yourself up with a Coinbase Cloud Account.

From the Coinbase Cloud Console click Go to Node:

Select Coinbase Cloud Node from Console

From this page, you can choose which network you want to run your Node on. For this guide, we'll select the Ethereum option:

Select a network for your node

Give your project a name and select the network you want to deploy to. We're using the Goerli test network in this guide. Finally, click Go to project:

Setup your node project

Take note of your username and password that get generated when your project is successfully created. We'll use these in the next step to read and write data to the blockchain using our Unity SDK.

Set Up The SDK

To get started, follow our guide on installing and configuring the Unity SDK below.

Get Started With thirdweb’s Unity SDK
Learn how to install thirdweb’s Unity SDK into your project, add connect wallet and web3 functionality in C# scripts and build a web3 game.

From within Unity, create a new folder within Assets called Scripts. Within the scripts folder, create a new C# Script called Setup. Open this file in your text editor.

We'll instantiate the SDK using the URL of the Node we just created, like so:

using Thirdweb;
using UnityEngine;

public class Setup : MonoBehaviour
    private ThirdwebSDK sdk;

    void Start()
        sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("https://<username>:<password>");

The string you provide to the ThirdwebSDK consists of the following structure:

  1. https://
  2. Your username, followed by a :
  3. Your password
  4. The endpoint of your project with the https:// removed.
How to use your username and password

You can get the endpoint value from the Coinbase Cloud Console:

where to find your endpoint URL

That's it! 🎉Any time you read data or write transactions to the blockchain using our SDK, it will be sent through this Node! Build and run your project to see the result in your browser.

Wrapping Up

While the thirdweb SDK provides you with free-to-use RPCs out of the box, Coinbase Cloud Node provides instant and reliable read/write access to the blockchain as well as their other APIs, such as the NFT API.

If you have questions, contact us in our Discord to speak with our team directly!