How to Airdrop ERC-1155 NFTs to a List of Wallet Addresses

How to Airdrop ERC-1155 NFTs to a List of Wallet Addresses - thirdweb Guides

In this guide, We will show you how to airdrop ERC-1155 NFTs to a list of recipients using, the gas-optimized Airdrop ERC-1155 smart contract.

Let's dive into it!

Deploy the Airdrop Contract

To begin, let's deploy our Airdrop contract. Head to the Explore page and click on the Airdrop ERC1155 contract. Click Deploy Now to start the deployment flow:

Deploy aridrop ERC1155 contract
Deploy aridrop ERC1155 contract 

Enter the wallet address you want to be the owner of the contract, and select the same network that your ERC1155 NFT collection smart contract is deployed to.

Add default admin for contract and deploy
Add default admin for contract and deploy

Click Deploy Now, and approve the transaction. After a successful deployment, you will be taken to the generated dashboard for your smart contract!

Approving Tokens for Airdrop

In order for the smart contract to be able to airdrop NFTs to users, it requires the NFTs to be minted first and then approved for them to be able to transfer the NFTs from your wallet (from this collection).

To do that, we need to approve the airdrop contract address in the edition contract using the setApprovalForAll function.

From your ERC1155 NFT collection contract, run the setApprovalForAll function with the address of your airdrop smart contract.

Approve the airdrop contract
Approve the airdrop contract

Airdropping Tokens

Back in the Airdrop contract, head to the Explorer tab and use the airdrop function with the following parameters:

  • _tokenAddress: The address of the ERC1155 NFT collection smart contract.
  • _tokenOwner: The wallet address that contains the NFTs to be transferred (the wallet we just ran approve from in the step above).
  • _recipients: The list of recipients of the airdrop.
  • _amounts: The corresponding list for the amount of tokens to airdrop per recipient in the recipient list.
  • Token Ids: The token IDs of the tokens you want to airdrop.

For example, in the screenshot below, we are airdropping 0x528 1 quantity of token ID 0:

Use the airdrop function to airdrop tokens
Use the airdrop function to airdrop tokens

After executing the function, approve a transaction and the airdrop will be successfully completed! 🛩ī¸


In this guide, we learned how we can airdrop our ERC-1155 tokens to different wallets using the dashboard. If you run into any issues while following this guide, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server to speak to our team directly!