Airdrop Free-To-Own NFTs For Your Web3 Game

Airdrop Free-To-Own NFTs For Your Web3 Game

In this guide, we'll show you how to deploy an ERC1155 NFT Collection using our prebuilt Edition smart contract and airdrop NFTs to a list of wallet addresses.

By the end, you'll:

  • Deploy an NFT smart contract and mint your NFTs
  • Create a "snapshot" of wallet addresses to airdrop NFTs to them
  • Airdrop "Access Key" NFTs that unlock access to your Game!

Let's get started.

Create An ERC1155 NFT Collection

First, head to dashboard and connect your wallet:

Connect wallet to thirdweb dashboard

Click Deploy New Contract and select Edition:

Click Deploy New Contract

From here, click the Deploy Now button to begin the deployment flow:

Click Deploy Now

Populate the metadata of the smart contract itself, such as the image, name, symbol, description, royalties, etc. Fill it out as you choose, here's mine:

Configure contract metadata

Finally, select the network you want to deploy your smart contract to and click Deploy Now:

Click Deploy Now

🥳 Your smart contract is deployed! Head over to the NFTs tab and click Mint:

Click Mint on NFTs Tab

Configure the metadata of the NFT you're creating and set the initial supply to the amount you're going to airdrop. When you're ready, click Mint NFT:

Click Mint NFT Button

Our NFTs are ready to be airdropped! 🎉

Airdropping NFTs To Users

To airdrop users these NFTs, you need a .csv file, containing an address column and a quantity column (how many NFTs this address should be airdropped).

Your CSV file should look like this:


You can use our templates below to generate a snapshot of users, or upload your own:

From the dashboard, upload your .csv file by first clicking on your NFT:

Click on your NFT

From the airdrop tab, upload your .csv file and click Next:

Upload your csv file

Finally, click Airdrop to transfer the NFTs all at once: ✈️📦

Click airdrop button

To confirm everything worked as expected, we can check the balance of one of our airdrop receivers in the Explorer tab, by running the balanceOf function (id is the NFT token ID):

Confirm result in explorer tab

Wrapping Up

That's it! You've successfully minted and airdropped NFTs to your community!

Got questions? Jump into our Discord to chat with our team directly.