Goodbye Mumbai, Hello Amoy!

A new, Sepolia-anchored testnet has been launched for Polygon PoS. Here’s what you need to know.

Goodbye Mumbai, Hello Amoy!

On April 8th, the Polygon Mumbai testnet environment will be officially deprecated from the thirdweb stack.

This means you will not be able to deploy, interact, or build on the Mumbai chain using thirdweb. This includes all thirdweb products and services (SDK, Paymaster, Embedded Wallet, etc). This is because the Mumbai testnet is based on the Ethereum's Goerli testnet, which means that isn't an accurate representation of the test environment post Goerli's deprecation.

Which testnet should I use?

The Polygon Amoy Testnet is the recommended default testnet for application development — including testing decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM functionality.

How do I build on the Amoy testnet?

To start building on Amoy, simply navigate to its chain page in our Chainlist:

Polygon Amoy Testnet: RPC and Chain Settings
Use the best Polygon Amoy Testnet RPC and add to your wallet. Discover the chain ID, native token, explorers, and faucet options.

In the above page, you can find all of the default RPCs, block explorers, faucets, and smart contracts so that you can continue building & testing your web3 apps.

Here's the chain info:

Impact on thirdweb tools

You will be able to deploy contracts to Mumbai and use thirdweb’s Mumbai RPCs until April 8th, 2024. After that, our Mumbai RPCs will be deprecated.

Dashboard interactions with contracts deployed to Mumbai networks will not work after April 8th, 2024. Mumbai networks will also stop having support for account abstraction infra (bundler and paymaster) and embedded wallets.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer success team: