Goodbye Goerli, Hello Sepolia!

Goodbye Goerli, Hello Sepolia!

On Jan 1st, 2024, the Goerli testnet will be officially moved to EOL (End of Life) status. This means that the Ethereum Foundation will not actively maintain it any longer.

This includes Ethereum Goerli as well as the Goerli testnets for L2s (eg: Arbitrum Goerli, Optimism Goerli, Base Goerli etc.)

Which testnet should I use?

Sepolia is the recommended default testnet for application development. You can also use Holesky, although it is primarily meant to be used as a staking, infrastructure and protocol-developer testnet. Sepolia is recommended to test decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM functionality.

How do I build on the Sepolia testnet?

To start building on Sepolia, simply search for 'Sepolia' in our Chainlist and select your testnet of choice:

thirdweb Chainlist: RPCs, Block Explorers, Faucets, & Smart Contracts

In our Chainlist, you can find all of the default RPCs, block explorers, faucets, and smart contracts so that you can continue building & testing your web3 apps.

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Chainlist: RPCs, Block Explorers, Faucets
A list of EVM networks with RPCs, smart contracts, block explorers & faucets. Deploy smart contracts to all EVM chains with thirdweb.

Impact on thirdweb tools

You will be able to deploy contracts to Goerli Networks and use thirdweb’s Goerli RPCs until 1st January 2024. After that, our Goerli RPCs will be deprecated.

Dashboard interactions with contracts deployed to Goerli networks will not work post 1st January 2024. Goerli networks will also stop having support for account abstraction infra (bundler and paymaster) and checkouts.