Enforce Royalties On-Chain

Enforce Royalties On-Chain

In recent months, creator royalties have been a highly debated topic in web3. Most recently, OpenSea published a tool to help enforce on-chain royalties.

As a platform heavily relied upon for smart contract creation by developers and creators alike, we were compelled to create releases of our NFT smart contracts that inherit the contract recommended by OpenSea.

Ultimately, we believe creators and artists should have the choice. We're committed to providing the tools they need to build projects which best suit their model.

You can find these one-click deploy links below.

Prebuilt Contracts with OpenSea’s Royalty Filter (OSRF)

👉 Note: OpenSea’s Royalty Filter contract is currently only available on Ethereum and Goerli. Thus, our NFT contracts with OSRF are only deployable on these networks. We'll add additional networks as OpenSea does.

Signature Drop (+OSRF)

NFT Drop (+OSRF)

Edition Drop (+OSRF)

Multiwrap (+OSRF)

Pack (+OSRF)

NFT Collection (+OSRF)

Edition (+OSRF)

Deployment Steps

  1. Select the contract you wish to deploy above.
  2. Navigate to the release page and select “Deploy Now”.
  3. You will be prompted to input information for this contract and select your network.

Congrats! Your on-chain royalty contract is now deployed. From there, you are ready to upload NFTs to your contract, set claim conditions, and begin minting.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us on Discord - we’d love to help!