Unity SDK v2.0 Stable Release

Stable v2.0 release of the thirdweb Unity SDK is out!

Stable v2 release of the Unity SDK is out!

  • Support for any platform (Desktop/Mobile/Console/VR/WebGL)
  • Prefabs for wallet connection, nft renderer and sdk management
  • Support for latest contracts, including Marketplace v3
  • Support for gasless transactions
  • Support for WalletConnect
  • Support for generated wallets (Device wallet)
  • New demo scene and script examples

And much more! check out the full documentation: https://portal.thirdweb.com/unity

Release v2.0.0 · thirdweb-dev/unity-sdk
Stable v2 release of the unity SDK! Support for any platform (Desktop/Mobile/Console/VR/WebGL)Revamped prefabs for wallet connection, nft renderersSupport for latest contracts, including Marketp…