Unity 4.2.0 - Brand New Look!

Brand new customizeable Connect Wallet button prefab!

Here's an example of connecting to an embedded wallet using google and creating a smart wallet out of it.

  • [General] Prefab_ConnectWallet.cs revamped and simplified - you can now choose to connect to any wallet as a smart wallet with one checkbox.
  • [General] Fixes to smart wallets ignoring auth options when provided (such as when using social login).
  • [General] Remove Scene_Marketplace
  • [General] Add Marketplace and Smart Wallet examples to Scene_Prefabs
  • [General] Add Prefab_SmartWallet examples for adding/removing admins as well as creating session keys.
  • [General] Various improvements and bugfixes

Check out out Live Preview to see Smart Wallets in action.

Release: https://github.com/thirdweb-dev/unity-sdk/releases/tag/v4.2.0