Unity 4.1 - Apple and Facebook Logins

Login with your face, anyone?

What's Changed

  • [General] Added support for Apple and Facebook Logins (Apple Touch/Face ID supported on Mobile platforms as well).
    • Prefab_ConnectWallet was also updated with the additional social logins.
  • [General] Logging in with the same previous email / social auth will automatically log the user in now.
  • [General] Improved performance / code structure for Embedded Wallets.
  • [General] Added support for new chains, updated chains package.
  • [Native] Fixed main thread freezing in the Embedded Wallet post-login flow in some cases.
  • [WebGL] Added support for Smart Wallet Admin/Session Key management APIs (see previous release for more details).
  • [WebGL] Added support for Smart Wallet account overrides on connection (see previous release for more details).
  • [WebGL] Updated Live Preview.

Visit our Embedded Wallet and Smart Wallet documentation to get started creating seamless onboarding and dynamic gameplay flows!

Release: https://github.com/thirdweb-dev/unity-sdk/releases/tag/v4.1.0