Unity SDK 3.0.0 - All About Wallets!

We just released a major upgrade to our unity-sdk, with various wallet related upgrades.

Main Features

  • New email wallet provider - all platforms: Paper
  • WalletConnectV1 deprecation in favor of WalletConnectV2 - currently WebGL only, Native soon!
  • Metamask SDK upgrade, support for Metamask 7.0.1+
  • Nethereum upgrade and various improvements

What's the big deal?

With Paper you are now able to build a web3 game with embedded, non-custodial wallets on any platform by simply asking for an email! This was not previously possible with other email wallet providers.

The setup is simple, pass a Client ID from the paper dashboard to your ThirdwebManager. You can even customize the UI Prefab on native platforms!

A singular and simple script controls the UI, so you can customize that too!

And that's it! You now have access to the amazing world of seamless onboarding.

Migration From WalletConnectV1 to WalletConnectV2

Simply replace any instance of WalletProvider.WalletConnectV1 with WalletProvider.WalletConnect

Known issue

Using WalletProvider.Metamask in mobile builds may be unstable, as the metamask app pauses randomly at times. We recommend using other WalletProviders until that is fixed.

What's next?

We're working on making it even easier to create games with thirdweb - you'll be seeing minimal game templates soon, and updated ConnectWallet buttons, with UI that makes it easy to use any common game contracts, and build your own Web3 Warriors!

Release: Unity SDK 3.0.0-beta

Check out our documentation to get started!