Connect Multiple Wallets to Single Account

In the expansive realm of options, thirdweb strives to continue simplifying the development process for our users by seamlessly integrating with their existing tools and workflows.

Today, thirdweb supports over 900+ EVM chains and over 20+ EOA wallets. We understand as developers you may have multiple wallets to manage, test, and develop on all these different networks.

With that in mind, we made a change to our account creation model to better support new blockchain developers and our existing users developing with multiple wallets.

Starting on January 10, all users will be able to link multiple wallets to a single account and billing profile.

  • Users will remain signed-in with one unique email address and have the ability to switch the connected wallet on their account to deploy contracts, sign transactions, or any other on-chain actions.

We believe this updated account creation model will provide a better developer experience by enabling more options within an account.

What you need to do!

For existing users:

  • Ensure all account information is up-to-date including your registered email and billing information in the Account Overview section.
  • When you want to link a new wallet to your account, disconnect and log in with the new wallet. On account creation, specify you already have an account to activate the linking process.
  • Ensure the wallet you want to use is set as the active wallet within the drop-down modal.

For new users:

  • No action required! Sign up on the dashboard with any wallet and add in your account info on sign up.

Learn more about linking your account in our documentation.

Need help?

If you have any questions, encounter issues, or have feedback, please reach out to our support team.