All New Connect Wallet Component For React

All New Connect Wallet Component For React

We're thrilled to announce the release of our redesigned ConnectWallet component for React! Learn more about thirdweb connect


What's New?

  • A Gorgeous new UI - Try out our all-new ConnectWallet playground to see the ConnectWallet in action!
  • ConnectWallet component has a new prop modalSize to render the Modal in "compact" or "wide" size. The new "wide" Modal renders a completely customizable Welcome Screen which allows you to add custom onboarding for your users
  • New Theming API allows you to create a custom theme to match the design of your app
  • "Sign in with Google" added to paperWallet and embeddedWallet to add frictionless onboarding UX to your app
  • Users can now Send and receive tokens directly from the ConnectWallet component. You can also customize the tokens to display via the supportedTokens prop
  • The new Smart Wallet API provides a seamless UX for end users
  • Show the balance of a specific token of the connected wallet using the displayBalanceToken prop
  • Easily add "Terms of Service" and "Privacy policy" to ConnectWallet with the new termsOfServiceUrl and privacyPolicyUrl props
  • The new ConnectWallet component shows ENS name + Avatar in the connected state

Breaking Changes for Smart Wallet API

  • The previous Smart Wallet API took an array of personal wallets and showed a "Smart Wallet" entry in the ConnectWallet modal and upon clicking it showed a list of personal wallets.
  • The New Smart Wallet API does not add a "Smart Wallet" entry in the ConnectWallet modal and instead allows you to turn any EOA wallet into a smart wallet which offers a much more seamless experience to the end users

Update ConnectWallet in your app to try it out!

npm i @thirdweb-dev/react@latest @thirdweb-dev/sdk@latest

Please Report any issues or suggestions to our Discord Channel