Introducing the new standard for web3 authentication: thirdweb Auth v3

We just released thirdweb Auth v3.0 - a fully featured web3-native authentication library for EVM chains!

Auth is a developer SDK that lets you integrate secure, self-custodied, web3-native authentication into your applications. It enables users to sign-in with their wallets, allowing apps to access rich blockchain-level data and interact with their users on-chain.

Auth v3.0 introduces a variety of rich features to enable support for diverse authentication and authorization needs including support for JWT and cookie based authentication, the ability to integrate databases, customized login validation, and much more.

Major Upgrades:

  • Auth is now compatible with all platforms, as it supports both cookie-based and token-based authentication, meaning you can now build web3 authentication into your web apps, mobile apps, games, and more
  • You can now easily integrate Auth with any database using callback hooks to control your user flows (ex: PostgreSQL, Supabase, Firebase, and much more!)
  • Auth is now multi-chain, meaning you can use the same wallet-based authentication flow with EVM wallets!
  • and much more...

Installation: npm install @thirdweb-dev/auth or yarn add @thirdweb-dev/auth

Frameworks Support:

The new Auth has a variety of plugins with different frameworks and integrations to make it easier to integrate into your apps. Currently, Auth has plugins for React, Next.js, and Express.js - with support for Next Auth and Unity coming soon!

We'll also be rolling out guides for integrating Auth with Firebase, Supabase, and more!


This update also comes with minor updates of the TypeScript SDK & React SDK.