Solidity SDK docs for 30+ extensions

New Solidity SDK documentation has arrived to the Portal! This documentation replaces and improves the ContractKit documentation (soon to be renamed to Solidity SDK).

Find improved documentation for our 30+ smart contract extensions and 15+ ready-to-use base contracts. Using these contracts and extensions will unlock smart SDKs which understand the type of contract by detecting these extensions. This allows you to easily connect your apps and games to your contracts, leaving the heavy lifting to us.

New Solidity SDK Homepage

Each base contract now tells you which extensions will be detected on it in the dashboard and how to use these contracts in your own smart contracts to add custom logic.

Detected Extensions Listed for each Base Contract

Each extension comes with information on how to inherit, implement and override functionality with information on each function in the contracts. For the extension interfaces and abstract extensions, the functions which require implementations have been listed. A full reference API is provided for fully implemented extensions so that the functions can be overridden to add custom logic.

Full API Reference Section for Fully Implemented Smart Contract Extensions

Dashboard-detectable extensions, which are not single smart contracts, but instead require multiple extensions to be inherited in order to be detected, are now explained.

Dashboard Detectable Extensions Added

We'll be shipping improved documentation for each of our products over the coming weeks and improving the portal based on your feedback.

Let us know what you'd like to see improved in our Discord!