Mandatory SDK Update to Resolve IPFS Issues

We've recently made changes in our SDK to resolve intermittent issues customers have been experiencing related to connectivity to IPFS.

To ensure that your application doesn't experience errors we recommend ALL customers do one of the following:

- Upgrade to the @thirdweb-dev/sdk@3.10.29 and @thirdweb-dev/react@3.14.9 and versions of our SDK.  Unity SDK users should upgrade to version v3.0.0-beta.3.  

Note: The quickest way to upgrade your packages is using the CLI command npx thirdweb@latest install from within your code project

- If you are unable to upgrade to this version for other reasons, you will need to override the ipfs gateway being used by your application by passing in to the gatewayUrls parameter:

new ThirdwebSDK("polygon", {… other options, gatewayUrls: [""]})

If you have any questions/issues don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Discord!