thirdweb supports PWA development!

We are excited to announce that thirdweb now offers first-class support for Progressive Web App (PWA) development. This major enhancement opens the door for developers to create faster, more responsive decentralized applications that provide native-like experiences.

Demo Now Live

To demonstrate the capabilities of PWAs using thirdweb, we have created a live demo that you can access right now:

Check out the PWA Demo

How Developers Can Get Started

If you're as eager as we are to dive into PWA development using thirdweb, you have three easy options to get started:

1. Use thirdweb CLI

Run the following command and navigate through the CLI options as follows: App -> EVM -> PWA.

npx thirdweb create

2. Clone the Template Repository

You can start from our TypeScript and Vite enabled template:

Template Repository on GitHub

git clone

3. Clone the Demo Repository

If you're interested in looking into the demo itself, the repository is also available:

Demo Repository on GitHub

git clone

The addition of PWA support is a significant step forward in our mission to make decentralized development as robust and user-friendly as possible. We encourage everyone to explore the new capabilities and look forward to seeing the innovative PWAs you will create using thirdweb.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized applications. Happy coding!