.NET 0.2.0 - Social Login

Bringing the InAppWallet OAuth flow to more platforms!

As the .NET SDK moves towards parity with other SDKs, we've integrated a simple way for you to login using OAuth (Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.) with InAppWallets.

With a single API call, you can go through the whole flow and customize it based on the platform you're using.

// Windows console app example
var address = await inAppWallet.LoginWithOauth(
    isMobile: false,
    browserOpenAction: (url) =>
        var psi = new ProcessStartInfo { FileName = url, UseShellExecute = true };
        _ = Process.Start(psi);
// Godot standalone example
var address = await ThirdwebManager.Instance.InAppWallet.LoginWithOauth(
        isMobile: OS.GetName() == "Android" || OS.GetName() == "iOS",
        browserOpenAction: (url) => OS.ShellOpen(url),
        mobileRedirectScheme: "thirdweb://"

Documentation available here.

We've also updated our Godot Starter Template with a Login with Google example.

Note: this feature in Godot context is only available for Desktop platforms, Mobile coming soon!

Nuget release here.