MarketplaceV3 Updates

The MarketplaceV3 contract has been republished with some changes. The main addition is support for Royalty Registry / Royalty Engine on select chains. Read more about Royalty Registry here.

Other changes include minor fixes and UX improvements related to accessing information on the contract such as past bids, etc.

The contract is available for deployment on all EVM chains. We have deployed the contract on major chains. On other EVM chains, users will need to deploy the contract and its extensions, which can be done through the deploy form as part of normal deployment flow. As a result, some users will see more than one transaction for deployment (6 to be exact). This includes deployment of:

  • MarketplaceV3 main contract
  • Direct Listings plugin
  • English Auctions plugin
  • Offers plugin
  • Plugin Map contract

The contract can be deployed from the publish page here:

Read more about MarkeplaceV3 contract.

If you have any questions, please reach out on our Discord.