Introducing thirdweb's .NET SDK

Empowering all kinds of developers with thirdweb tooling, and giving some love to GoDot users!

We're thrilled to announce a new addition to our suite of development tools: the thirdweb .NET SDK. This latest innovation extends thirdweb's commitment to simplifying blockchain application development by bringing our powerful, developer-friendly features to the .NET community.

Why .NET for Web3?

.NET is known for its robustness, excellent performance, and broad usage in enterprise applications. By integrating blockchain functionalities into this environment, thirdweb’s .NET SDK empowers you to build secure, scalable, and innovative Web3 applications using familiar tools and languages. It is designed to be lightweight and streamline your development process.

With our focus on gaming, and specifically Unity, we've learned a lot about customer needs and after a lot of iteration, are now able to support multiple platforms through it. Being cross-platform is a key thirdweb feature, and we will continually be supporting different frameworks.

The .NET SDK aims to support Game Engines like GoDot and other .NET applications and abstracts away a lot of the complexities when it comes to infrastructure or low level blockchain interactions.

Key Features of the .NET SDK:

  • Simplified Interactions with Smart Contracts: Connecting to and interacting with smart contracts is now more intuitive than ever. With just a few lines of code, you can execute any transaction, and query blockchain data, without needing to deal with ABIs or lower level transaction maniulation.
  • In-App Wallets: Unlock the power of seamless user authentication and non-custodial wallet creation. With web2 authentication mechanisms you can create truly seamless and signless login experiences for your users. Offload all the pain of account management to the blockchain, and use this cross-platform, cross-device account as the signer representing your user.
  • Account Abstraction: The .NET SDK aims to focus on thirdweb's strongest products, In-App Wallets and Account Abstraction. This is the ultimate pair for any app wanting to gain mainstream adoption, and the availability of such wallet functionality is very limited when it comes to .NET. Few lines of code, login with email or phone, and unlock a signless and gasless experience.
  • Comprehensive Developer Resources: We provide extensive documentation and support to get you started quickly and efficiently. Check out our docs and get started!​
  • Open Source and Community-Driven: Echoing our commitment to transparency and collaboration, the .NET SDK is open-source. We encourage developers to contribute, suggest improvements, and help us evolve the SDK to meet the community's needs​.

Getting Started with the .NET SDK:

To begin with, installing the SDK is straightforward via NuGet (or adding it to your .csproj if you're using GoDot), a familiar tool for any .NET developer. Here’s a quick snippet to demonstrate how easy it is to query a smart contract using it:

using Thirdweb;

// Initialize your client to unlock thirdweb services
var client = ThirdwebClient.Create(clientId: "myClientId", bundleId: "");

// Fetch a contract
var contract = await ThirdwebContract.Create(client, "0x81ebd23aA79bCcF5AaFb9c9c5B0Db4223c39102e", 421614);

// Read from it!
var readResult = await ThirdwebContract.Read<string>(contract, "name");

This simplicity removes the heavy lifting traditionally associated with blockchain integrations, allowing you to focus on creating value for your users.

Join the Revolution!

The release of our .NET SDK marks an exciting step forward in making blockchain technology accessible to a wider range of developers. By reducing complexity and providing familiar tools, we're opening up a world of possibilities for .NET developers eager to explore and innovate in the Web3 space.

What’s Next?

We are committed to continuously improving our tools based on your feedback and the evolving needs of the Web3 ecosystem. Join our developer community, explore our SDKs, and help shape the future of decentralized applications.

Explore More and Connect:

Dive deeper into our documentation and start building today at thirdweb's .NET SDK documentation. Whether you're looking to integrate blockchain features into your existing applications or start a new Web3 project, thirdweb is here to empower your development journey.

Happy Coding!