Introducing Ecosystem Wallets

Introducing Ecosystem Wallets

thirdweb’s in-app wallets have helped seamlessly onboard hundreds of thousands of users to any application through thirdweb Connect. They solved a critical problem in web3—not everyone has a wallet when they connect to your app. So we introduced a way for developers to onboard users with a wallet behind the scenes using their existing digital identities. Users could now onboard to a new web3 identity within your application without prior web3 knowledge.

Today, we're enabling developers to share this identity across many apps—one identity for an entire ecosystem of apps and games.

Introducing Ecosystem Wallets: own and share your wallet service. Create your own branded wallet and spin up in-app wallets wherever your users need across any number of partner applications.

Ecosystem wallets give you the ability to:

  • Brand Your Wallet: Create a branded wallet that anyone can use to log in from any application that uses thirdweb Connect, WalletConnect or any wagmi- and ethers-enabled provider.
  • Share Your Login: We're handing you a fully managed service to generate your own in-app wallets and allow partner applications to spin up secure in-app wallets under your brand.
  • Secure Cross-Application Authentication: Set rules for your ecosystem—use session keys to remove manual signatures, or ask users to sign for each transaction for additional security.
  • Enable Great DX: Any developer whitelisted for your ecosystem can support your wallet in only a few lines of code by integrating the thirdweb SDK.
  • Unlock Ecosystem Analytics & User Attribution: View analytics for developer and end user activity across every app and game in your ecosystem.
  • Build Seamless Multi-Chain Ecosystems: Enable end users to view assets, balances, and activities for apps and games across any EVM-compatible chain.
  • Go Gasless: Every in-app wallet can be spun up and associated with a smart wallet so you can sponsor gasless transactions across your entire ecosystem.

These unlocks come together to help you build seamless cross-application, cross-chain experiences with a branded wallet that can be spun up in minutes. It's an all-in-one solution to create powerful accounts for your users that they can take with them.

Xai Connect Landing Page powered by thirdweb

Frictionless Cross-Game Experiences with Xai

Gaming network Xai is developing its own ecosystem games from developers like Ex Populus and Laguna Games.

Using thirdweb's Ecosystem Wallet, Xai created Xai Connect, giving players the freedom to use in-game items anywhere from Ex Populus's Lost Glitches to Laguna Games's CryptoUnicorns.

Players also gained the ability to sell assets earned across these games logging into Rarible with their Xai account. Their Xai account is now their go-to identity across web3, allowing them to log into any application through thirdweb Connect. Soon you'll also be able to log in with Wallet Connect or any wagmi- and ethers-based login provider.

You can build your web3 brand and enable seamless cross-app and cross-game experiences just like Xai with only a few lines of code. Visit the thirdweb Ecosystem Wallet dashboard to get started.

Create Your Own Ecosystem In Seconds

You can deploy your own Ecosystem Wallet in one click on the thirdweb dashboard. thirdweb handles the setup to give you a completely hosted and managed in-app wallet service. Any developer that joins your ecosystem can display your branded wallet as a login option for their application, either as a complete login flow or as a single wallet option, and generate in-app wallets on your behalf.

Ecosystem Wallets start at $250/mo per instance. Instances allow for up to 30,000 in-app wallets per month and $0.02 per additional in-app wallet.

Want to learn more? Head to our Ecosystem Wallet documentation.