Beautiful error messages & solidity stack traces

No more confusing and hard-to-parse SDK error messages! We've given some to love to error messages in version 3.8.0 of  the @thirweb-dev/sdk package.

Error messages in the TypeScript SDK on reverts and other transaction errors will now display a message with all relevant transaction data, the revert reason, and a solidity stack trace of where the revert came from in the smart contract code!

Below is a before and after of the changes (from the same error thrown by the code below):

// Trying to create a listing with an NFT that I have no balance of  
    currencyToAccept: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    assetContract: "0xBF1829B780C24a47aBC4C5C0b53AB93001ed1402",
    secondsUntilEndTime: 10000000000,
    startTime: 10000000000,
    reservePricePerToken: 0,
    buyoutPricePerToken: 0,
    quantityToList: 1,
    listingType: 0,
    tokenId: 0,

And here is the before and after error messages:

This is what the error looked like before the recent changes. Very difficult to parse, and often errors get swallowed and display "cannot estimate gas" messages as well.
The new error message after our recent changes nicely parsed and displayed, with a solidity stack trace!