Engine updates: dashboard, cloud-hosted, TypeScript

We recently announced Engine, a backend HTTP server that calls smart contracts with your backend wallets. Engine is open-source and makes it simple to interact with the blockchain securely, reliably, and at scale.

We shipped dozens of bugfixes and features since then. Here are some highlights:

Dashboard improvements

  • Engine instances are now saved, making managing multiple instances simpler.
  • Cancel queued transactions that have not been mined yet.
  • Keep organized with labels for instances, backend wallets, admins, access tokens, and webhooks.

TypeScript SDK for Engine

Use the @thirdweb-dev/engine SDK instead of raw HTTP calls for type safety and a more intuitive interface.

import { Engine } from "@thirdweb-dev/engine";

const engine = new Engine({
  url: "<engine_url>",
  accessToken: "<engine_access_token>",

await engine.erc20.transfer(
  // chain
  // token address
  // from wallet
  // args matching the API reference
    toAddress: "0x43CAe0d7fe86C713530E679Ce02574743b2Ee9FC",
    amount: "1.0",

Cloud-hosted Engine

Interested in thirdweb fully managing your Engine instance? Let us know!

(Self-service coming soon...)

Docs & tutorials

Read more about what Engine can do, going to production, or building an NFT checkout.

If you're a visual learner, check out our YouTube Engine playlist. Guides covering a variety of use cases are posted regularly.

What's next?

We're just getting started! Upcoming features include: speed up setting up Engine, simplify integrating it your existing codebase, sponsor user transactions like transferring NFTs, and more.

Engine aims to help developers like you drive adoption of web3. Please share any feature requests, bug reports, or other feedback in our Discord.

Happy building!