Engine improvements: relayers, transaction details, backend wallet funds

Here's a few new ways managing Engine in the thirdweb dashboard got better!

Enable gasless transactions with relayers

Engine recently added support for backend wallets to send meta-transactions on behalf of your users. This feature allows your app to sponsor gas for your users to transfer NFTs, list items on marketplaces, and more.

Learn more about using relayers in Engine. You can also manage relayers in the dashboard.

More transaction details

View advanced details about each transaction including error messages, timestamps, and gas/nonce details.

Manage funds in backend wallets

Receive funds to your backend wallets by scanning a QR code.
Or transfer funds between backend wallets to manage each wallet's native token balance.

Fun fact: All of these dashboard features are powered by the Engine API you already have access to

Engine is continuously getting better! If you haven't implemented Engine into your app or game yet, learn more about Engine.