API Keys Required by August 1st to Access thirdweb Infrastructure Services

What's Changing

In an effort to serve our growing developer community by providing more resilient, reliable, and robust infrastructure, we are instituting a new policy requiring users of our SDK’s, Storage, CLI and Smart Accounts to include an API key for use of the following thirdweb infrastructure services:

  • RPC Edge - RPC infrastructure for connecting to any EVM chain
  • Storage - Service for both uploading and downloading of data to decentralized storage
  • Smart Wallet Bundler/Paymaster (beta) - Our Bundler and Paymaster service for use with smart wallets (ERC-4337/6551)

Inclusion of a free to register client API key for use with our SDKs and tools will be enforced starting August 1st across all our products.

Who Does This Impact

All developers are required to either 1) provide an API key to access our infrastructure services or 2) use the composability features inherent in the thirdweb SDKs that allow users to choose their own infrastructure services without the need for an API key.

Our SDKs use bundled RPC and Storage services to facilitate and simplify the integration of applications with blockchains.  RPC’s are used to enable communication with smart contracts.  In the case of Storage, it is used by the SDKs to store/read data on decentralized storage for information like contract/token metadata, merkle root snapshots used in claim conditions and multimedia content.

How to Migrate

👉 Click here to obtain your free API Key

Read more about how API keys are used on our Portal Docs.

Updating SDK Versions (All Developers)

Developers will need to upgrade their SDKs to at least these versions

React @thirdweb-dev/react@3.14.17 (how to add api key)

React Native @thirdweb-dev/react-native@0.2.36 (how to add api key)

Typescript @thirdweb-dev/sdk@3.10.37 (how to add api key)

Other (Typescript) @thirdweb-dev/storage@1.2.0 @thirdweb-dev/chains@0.1.35 @thirdweb-dev/wallets@1.1.0 @thirdweb-dev/auth@3.2.17

Unity unity-sdk-3.0.0-beta.4 (how to add api key)

Python 3.1.0 (how to add api key)

Go 2.1.0 (how to add api key)

Existing Smart Wallet Developers

Existing smart wallet developers with an old API key should create a new API key (see Getting Your API Key section above) and use the resulting Client ID or Secret Key with their smart wallet app (see Updating SDK Versions section above).  

Once you've created the new API Key, you can now go to your newly created API key, click Edit=>Services and add a list of Allowed Target Addresses which are the list of allowed smart contract addresses your smart wallets can interact with.

CLI Users

The functions available via the npx thirdweb CLI tool (Create, Install, Build, Generate, Deploy, Publish) will require the use of an API key.  Users will need to upgrade their CLI to version 0.11.0

When is the Change Happening

Customers can begin their migration process today.

On August 1st, API keys will be enforced with immediate effect. Users of our infrastructure services who have not registered API keys and migrated (see How to Migrate section above) will receive error messages in their applications when their SDK’s attempt to connect.


What will happen if I do not register API keys and migrate by August 1st?

Developers who have not registered free API keys and migrated by August 1st will receive error messages in their applications when their SDK’s attempt to connect.

Developers that prefer to opt out of getting an API key can continue to use our SDK’s without an API key but will need to provide their own RPC and IPFS service URL’s.

Am I going to be charged for getting an API key?

No. Requiring the use of API keys is a proactive step we are taking to create a more secure, safe and stable environment for our user community.

Do I need to register API keys if I use alternative (not thirdweb) RPC and Storage services?

No. Developers who use alternative service providers and/or are not using our Smart Accounts do not need to register an API key. Developers will need to provide the alternative RPC & IPFS services to the thirdweb SDK.

Should I create a new API key if I already have one being used with my Smart Wallet Bundler/Paymaster?

Yes. We highly recommend developers create a new API key to be used with their Smart Wallets as they have advanced domain, contract, and service restrictions.