Android App Release

We're excited to announce the release of our Android app so that devs can play with our React Native components. This is a significant step forward in our development process, allowing developers to interact with and test our latest UI components in a real-world environment.

Key Highlights:

  • ConnectWallet Component: Full access to our ConnectWallet component
  • Interactive Testing Environment: An intuitive interface for developers to test functionality, customization, and performance of UI components on Android devices.
  • Open Source: Find the code here: react-native-thirdweb-connect

Coming Soon:

  • iOS App Launch: The iOS version of this app is in its final stages and will be released shortly. This will extend testing capabilities to iOS devices, ensuring cross-platform consistency and performance.

We encourage all developers to download the app, experiment with our UI components, and provide their valuable feedback. Stay tuned for the iOS app release!

Try it out on Google Play: thirdweb connect