Stand With Crypto Brings Together Over One Million People to Champion Crypto

Stand With Crypto Brings Together Over One Million People to Champion Crypto

Stand with Crypto is a grassroots advocacy hub created to champion clear, common-sense regulation in the crypto industry — aiming to mobilize the 52 million American crypto owners to unlock crypto’s potential and foster greater economic freedom.

It provides Americans with various ways to join the movement and rewards them with advocacy NFTs for participating. With just over a year after its founding in April 2023, the Stand With Crypto alliance has amassed:

  • 1,000,000+ crypto advocates
  • 200,000+ policymaker contacts
  • $87M+ donated to the cause

We’re proud to power the Stand With Crypto platform with thirdweb Engine — empowering anyone to contribute and awarding Stand With Crypto NFTs to participants without them needing to create a web3 wallet, buy crypto, or pay gas fees.

Creating a grassroots movement for crypto, onchain

Stand with Crypto is championing the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, aiming for the US to embrace it and remain a leader in the future financial system. To do this, its goal is to mobilize the 52 million Americans that own crypto into a powerful force that drives change.

It equips Americans with everything they need to learn about the current state of crypto policy, and how they can contribute to improving it — with information on key races & politicians, and the resources they need to take action.


Stand With Crypto, powered by thirdweb.

The Stand With Crypto platform provides various ways for Americans to participate, rewarding them with advocacy NFTs for performing actions like:

  • Registering to vote & getting a free “I’m a Voter” NFT — created in partnership with pplpleasr
  • Donating to the movement and receiving a “Stand With Crypto Supporter” NFT
  • Calling your congressperson and receiving an “I Called Congress” NFT

Each participant also receives a personalized Stand With Crypto profile — with a progress checklist for the advocacy activities they’ve performed, a showcase for the NFTs they’ve earned, and access to exclusive membership tiers.

Powering large-scale onchain apps, without the complexity

We’re proud for thirdweb Engine to power the Stand With Crypto platform — empowering every American to participate and earn advocacy NFTs on Base without needing to buy crypto, pay gas fees, or even have a web3 wallet in the first place.

Engine is an open-source HTTP server that enables you to interact with any smart contract, on any EVM chain — with a familiar interface, dedicated APIs, and backend wallets with gasless transactions, auth, and account abstraction built in.

With thirdweb Engine, Stand With Crypto NFTs are automatically airdropped to users’ wallets after they’ve performed a successful advocacy action — with gas costs fully covered for them.

And with thousands of participants claiming advocacy NFTs on the platform every day, thirdweb Engine ensures that all of those onchain transactions are completed — with automatic transaction queueing, nonce management, and gas-optimized retries.

Creating a mass-scale movement and engaging Americans to stand with crypto

As Stand With Crypto continues to empower people with a platform to advocate for clear crypto policy, the team is excited to continue using thirdweb Engine to onboard millions of more Americans to join the movement.

“thirdweb has been an amazing engineering partner. We’re laser focused on bringing as many US voters onchain in preparation for the November election, and having a platform that allows us to seamlessly airdrop advocate NFTs has provided the leverage we need to move fast and grow to over one million advocates.” Travis Bloom

Engine has already powered millions of transactions across hundreds of onchain apps. If you’d like to learn more about how thirdweb Engine can help you build scalable onchain apps, reach out to the team directly — or start building by deploying an instance in a few clicks: