Noonshot Enables Creators to Build No-Code Web3 Websites and Simplify Direct-to-Consumer NFT Sales

Noonshot uses thirdweb's web3 SDKs and smart contracts to build tools for NFT creators
Noonshot uses thirdweb's web3 SDKs and smart contracts to build tools for NFT creators

Noonshot offers creators a simple way to build websites for their projects and mint or auction NFTs directly from their own sites, built on thirdweb.

Noonshot used thirdweb’s pre-built smart contracts and simple contract deployment to build a user-friendly no-code UI which lets anyone build and deploy NFT projects.

Empowering Creators to Launch NFTs, Direct-To-Consumer, Without Code

Noonshot is a no-code website builder for direct-to-consumer (DTC) web3 stores. The company allows non-technical creators (artists, illustrators, photographers, musicians) to launch an NFT shop in minutes without requiring a developer. Think Shopify for NFTs - allowing fans to buy straight from the creators.

Many talented creators lack the technical knowledge and experience to build an NFT storefront, despite having fans who are eager to mint their work. Creators kept asking how they could create their own websites where people could purchase NFTs directly from them, similar to how the top collections like Bored Apes or Cryptopunks facilitate direct sales. Once Noonshot realized there was a real need to build no-code Web3 shops, they knew they had to solve it to allow more creators the opportunity to control their website creation and NFT launch process.

But Noonshot quickly realized the solution wasn’t simple. Creators had to either hire a dev team or learn how to code, neither of which would be easy. The ultimate goal? Develop a platform that allowed this class of non-technical creators to simply “drag and drop” to launch their own experiences. Noonshot believes that all creators need access to Web3 channels to showcase their art to their consumers, allowing them to connect and monetize their work like never before. Creators should not be forced to use centralized marketplaces by their lack of skill or resources.

Enter thirdweb, partnering to deliver a simple, world-class NFT creation tool

Noonshot needed a solution which would simplify the creation of NFTs and allow them to focus on building an excellent website builder. Enter thirdweb, with their open-source, decentralized, and permissionless developer tools to build web3 apps. Building with thirdweb means Noonshot can focus on developing a great user experience, both for creators and their fans, instead of spending time figuring out blockchain interactions from scratch.

Noonshot had considered other options for simplifying the NFT smart contract creation, such as using contract templates, handling their own deployment scripts, or standardizing interactions with these contracts. During previous builds, Noonshot had looked into using tools such as Hardhat, Alchemy APIs, OpenZeppelin templates and interacting with the blockchain using libraries such as web3.js or ethers.js.

Unfortunately, the other potential solutions were not standardized and still required significant additional work to make the interactions production-grade. They were deemed too time-consuming and without much added value. In short, they would make it harder for Noonshot to deliver a great, easy-to-use website builder platform.

By building with thirdweb, Nooonshot could focus on creating value on top of the blockchain interactions for their customers' use cases instead of wasting time reinventing the wheel by developing an interaction layer for supporting smart contract deployment & interactions.

“The SDK and pre-built and audited contracts allow Noonshot to move 10x faster than if we had to build these components on our own.”

– Claudio Fuentes, Co-Founder at Noonshot

Noonshot Enables Creators To Build The Web3 Platforms They Need To Connect with Fans

thirdweb’s SDK, along with its comprehensive documentation, made it easy for Noonshot to focus on its core priority of delivering an easy-to-use product to its clients.

Consumers expect a seamless NFT interaction, no matter the size or skills of the team behind it. By simplifying NFT delivery, Noonshot could focus on architecting its core application, and understanding what contract types they needed to support each type of interaction. For example, the way a creator and consumer interact with a marketplace contract differs from that of an NFT Collection contract or a Signature Drop. Noonshot’s ability to integrate these different contracts with a unified experience to meet the needs of their non-technical customers drives the value of their product.

We launched a full platform that enables creators to go from nothing to a personalized NFT shop in 5 minutes – In total, we were able to develop the initial release of our platform in under six weeks.

If we had to spend time writing Solidity, auditing contracts, and then standardizing a mechanism for deployment and interaction with these contracts, it could’ve easily taken us twice as long to launch, if not longer.”

– Claudio Fuentes, Co-Founder at Noonshot

Noonshot is currently working on the V2 of the platform, coming in late October, and featuring support for more thirdweb smart contracts, including audio, video, and 3d models beyond simple static images.

thirdweb makes it possible to build creator tools for Web3. As demand for Web3 and NFTs increases, creators and brands will be looking for simple ways to launch projects and build their applications. Building using thirdweb’s pre-built, audited smart contracts means you can focus on building an elegant UI and dashboard.