KPRVERSE Launches Ramen Wars: A Free-to-Play Browser Game on Base

KPRVERSE Launches Ramen Wars: A Free-to-Play Browser Game on Base

Ramen Wars is a free-to-play web3 browser game built by KPRVERSE. It successfully onboarded over 8,000 players through seamless onboarding, fiat-checkout and gasless transactions powered by thirdweb.

At its core, Ramen Wars is a culinary battle that challenges players to unlock ingredients, complete quests, and earn rewards in a race against time. The limited-time availability of the game adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging players to dive in and explore the world of Ramen Wars before it's too late.

But what sets Ramen Wars apart from other web3 games is the seamless playing experience. Built on the Base, Ramen Wars leverages the scalability and fast transaction speeds features of the network. The game has also integrated thirdweb's full-stack development kit, including In-App Wallets, Account Abstraction, Fiat Checkout, NFT Minting, and thirdweb Engine.

These solutions work together to create a seamless and accessible experience for players, regardless of their prior knowledge of web3.

Creating a Seamless Web3 Game For All Players

Since launching, Ramen Wars has onboarded over 8,000 unique players and sold more than 5,500 Chibi-Go's. The game mechanics revolve around unlocking ingredients, completing quests, and earning rewards in a race against time.

KPRVERSE leveraged thirdweb Connect – the complete web3 frontend toolkit – to make the game accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with blockchain technology. Here's how:

1. Sign in with email

Ramen Wars built a custom onboarding flow using thirdweb's wallet toolkit. Players could sign-up using their Email Address or Google account and start playing right away. No blockchain complexity.

with your email address or gmail account

2. Buy with credit-card

Players could purchase in-game power-ups to increase their chances of success. These assets were NFTs which players could purchase using their credit card – powered by thirdweb pay.

Purchase crypto assets using traditional payment methods

3. Players were rewarded with NFTs, airdropped directly to their wallets

As players progressed, they were airdropped collectable NFTs to track their progress and level-up their gameplay. Ramen Wars leveraged thirdweb Engine, our backend production-grade server, to airdrop NFTs into the player's wallets.

Players did not have to claim or pay gas to receive their NFTs, ensuring the playing experience was seamless and uninterrupted.

thirdweb Engine lets apps sign & send transactions at scale, and eliminates stuck transactions with automatic nonce management and gas-optimized transaction retries.

Looking towards the future

KPR Universe has a clear mission to create immersive and engaging web3 experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in this emerging space.

Ramen Wars is a testament to their commitment to this vision, demonstrating the potential for web3 gaming to attract a wide audience and provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience.