King of Destiny sells 1800 NFT packs in 2 minutes — powered by thirdweb Engine

King of Destiny sells 1800 NFT packs in 2 minutes — powered by thirdweb Engine

King of Destiny is a mobile luck battle game within the InfiniGods universe that has recently launched an exciting new feature: Avatars.

These limited-edition collectible NFTs (ERC-1155), which were released via a pack-opening mechanic, can be used as in-game cosmetics for players' characters, adding a new layer of customization and exclusivity to the gaming experience.

The drop was a UX success story:

→ No wallet or crypto needed
→ No paying gas or signing txs
→ No blockchain complexity

Let's dive in.

Avatars: Limited-Edition In-Game Cosmetics

Avatars in King of Destiny are unique, collectible NFTs that players can unlock by purchasing card packs. These packs contain a variety of Avatars with different rarities and designs, making each one a valuable addition to a player's collection.

Seamless User Experience Powered by thirdweb

One of the key aspects of the Avatars launch is the seamless user experience powered by thirdweb.

Infinigods leveraged thirdweb Connect to enable players to sign-in to the app using their email or social accounts and purchase card packs using their credit cards, thanks to its fiat NFT checkout feature.

This eliminates the need for players to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency transactions, making the process accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, when players open their purchased packs, they did not need to sign transactions or pay gas fees.

This was enabled by thirdweb Engine's gasless transactions, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for players. Once a pack is opened, the Avatar NFTs are minted directly to the player's wallet, ready to be used in-game.

Auto-scaling with thirdweb Engine

The launch of Avatars in King of Destiny was a huge success, with 1800 packs selling out in less than 2 minutes. With thousands of players opening packs at the same time, thirdweb Engine ensured that onchain txs were completed.

What's happening under the hood? ⚙️

Engine ensures transactions complete by implementing idempotency keys for write transactions.

When an x-idempotency-key header is provided, Engine only submits the transaction if there was not another transaction sent with the same idempotency key in the past 24 hours. Subsequent calls with the same idempotency key return the original transaction queueId. This prevents duplicate transactions and costly errors like transferring funds or minting NFTs more than once.

Additionally, Engine provides ways to wait for a transaction to be mined. Write calls to contracts do not block until they are mined. Instead, they enqueue an async job and immediately return a reference to the job called queueId

The scalability of thirdweb Engine is a key factor in its ability to handle high-volume NFT transactions, such as those seen during the Avatars launch. By leveraging advanced scaling solutions, thirdweb Engine ensures that minting and transferring NFTs can be done efficiently and reliably, even during periods of high demand.

Engine powers consumer crypto.

The successful launch of Avatars in King of Destiny, powered by thirdweb Engine, showcases the potential for consumer web3 apps and games.

However, Building a production-grade web3 app is time consuming and complex. Developers need a backend that scales with user growth, has good security practices and can handle the complexity of the blockchain.

Engine solves this by providing core capabilities out-of-the box:

◆ Backend wallets: Create backend wallets, store keys securely and move funds at scale
◆ Smart contracts: Deploy, read and write to any contract on any EVM
◆ Auth: Let wallets directly interact with endpoints on the web3api
◆ Shared smart wallets - Create managed, smart wallets w/ shared custody between the backend wallets & a user’s EOA
◆ Sponsor transactions - Sponsor gas for any txn through the web3api

Start building with thirdweb Engine today: 👇 💫