InfiniGods Launches a Gasless NFT Marketplace with Account Abstraction

InfiniGods Launches a Gasless NFT Marketplace with Account Abstraction

InfiniGods, the creators of the leading web3 mobile game King of Destiny, has launched a seamless in-game marketplace on Arbitrum, bringing the power of true digital ownership to players.

King of Destiny is a mobile game that immerses players in a world of fantasy and adventure. With the integration of onchain assets, players can now truly own their in-game items — a big step towards revolutionizing how people play free-to-play mobile games, and towards changing the relationship between players and mobile gaming developers.

Introducing Piggy Banks

In Q1, Infinigods launched 'Piggy Banks.' Piggy Banks enable the trading of in-app, offchain, premium currencies, unlocking a player-owned economy.

Historically, premium currencies in mobile games have been sold strictly by developers with no off-ramp for players. Now, using the power of the blockchain, players can own a slice of their progress and achievements — and monetize that experience.

Through competition and gameplay progression, players can collect Fate, a special offchain currency that can be bundled into a Piggy Bank. Piggy Banks are minted as an ERC-1155 and can be freely traded on the King Of Destiny Marketplace & sold to other players.

Abstracting away the blockchain

The new in-game marketplace allows players to trade their in-game items and assets effortlessly, without the need for signing transactions or paying gas fees.

The King Of Destiny Marketplace exists as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and lives alongside the King Of Destiny app, which allows the game to support crypto products while complying with Apple’s policies.

While the tech under the hood is cutting edge, to the user, it looks & feels just like web2 and functions as an extension of the native mobile gaming experience

Infinigods deployed thirdweb's MarketplaceV3 smart contract to power the experience, and used thirdweb Connect to abstract away all complexity for the players. Here's how:

Players could sign-in using their Email, Apple or Facebook account, powered by thirdweb's in-app wallets.

Players can purchase Piggy Banks using their credit card, powered by thirdweb's fiat On-Ramp solution.

Transactions are completed onchain, without the player having to sign a transaction or pay gas.

To enable this, Infinigods used thirdweb's Account Abstraction toolkit, generating smart accounts for every player. Infinigods sponsor the txns ensuring the players are not burdened with paying gas fees.

Players can now trade, buy, and sell in-game items and assets, creating a thriving player-owned economy within the game.

Bringing mobile gaming onchain

thirdweb is proud to power over 1,000 web3 games, including titles on web, mobile and console. Gaming is a $350 billion industry, and we believe that more value can be unlocked for the player and game studio by adding true digital ownership.

In order to reach mass adoption, we need games that are easy to play and focus on a great playing experience. thirdweb Connect takes care of the blockchain complexity for the developer, whilst abstracting away the complexity for the player.

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