Decent Launches Interactive NFT Mint — with Uniswap, Arbitrum, & Disco

Decent Launches the Mystery Box - A Cross-Chain NFT Mint Activation powered by thirdweb

Decent provides multi-chain infrastructure for NFTs — enabling creators & companies to launch web3 projects seamlessly. In their latest product launch, Decent released The Box: a cross-chain, one-click NFT checkout.

To celebrate the launch, Decent partnered up with Uniswap, Arbitrum, Disco, KidSuper, & Prima Materia to release the Mystery Box: a cross-chain NFT activation where users could mint a Mystery Box & get rewarded with curated prizes — ranging from digital goods, to physical merch.

Introducing the Mystery Box: an interactive NFT mint with Uniswap, Arbitrum, & Disco

The Mystery Box is a multi-phase NFT activation where users could mint a box & get rewarded with digital goods, physical merch, & exclusive experiences curated by Decent, Uniswap, Arbitrum, Disco, KidSuper, & Prima Materia.


The Mystery Box: A multi-chain NFT mint by Decent — with Uniswap, Disco, & Arbitrum

Each box has a different rarity tier, from standard to ultra-rare, and gives access to various prizes including:

  • Merch from Disco, Uniswap, Decent, & KidSuper
  • On & off-chain credentials from Disco
  • Access to exclusive gated groups with Uniswap
  • Various NFTs from y00ts, Smolverse, and OptiChads

The Mystery Box was released to the public in June 2023, at 0.01 ETH per mint.

Powering the full Mystery Box activation

thirdweb is proud to have powered the Mystery Box activation, providing the Decent team with everything they needed to create a seamless NFT mint flow & claim experience:

  • Ready-to-ship smart contracts: The team used thirdweb’s pre-built, audited, open-source smart contracts to power the Mystery Box NFT drop — adding an allowlist with custom claim conditions, a delayed reveal extension, and metadata randomization for the boxes when minted — implementing the drop into their site with one line of code.
  • Token-gated Shopify storefront: With rarities ranging from standard to ultra-rare, users were able to claim their prizes based on the Mystery Box tier that they received through a token-gated Shopify storefront.
  • A seamless Connect Wallet experience: Decent implemented thirdweb’s Connect Wallet UI component — with full customizability, built-in support for 170+ wallets, and easy onboarding for new users.

Let’s dive into what’s under the hood, and how the Decent team used thirdweb to build the Mystery Box activation.

Driving engagement through a multi-phase NFT activation


The Mystery Box NFT mint — built with delayed reveal, randomization, & claim phases

To launch the Mystery Box mint, the Decent team needed a smart contract that would allow them to create unique NFTs with different prizes — corresponding to the ‘rarity’ of the box that a user minted. The boxes were randomized & shuffled for when users claimed them — and the rarities were revealed a week after the mint started.

Decent launched the Mystery Box activation in multiple phases — kicking off a secret first phase that would give ‘special access to an upcoming activation’ for the first 500 who completed a quest on Layer3, in partnership with Uniswap:

Introduction to Uniswap Wallet - Layer3
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Those who completed the quest were then rewarded with an NFT for completing the quest, which granted them access to claim a Mystery Box for free when the drop was announced.

To execute on this, the team deployed an NFT Drop smart contract via thirdweb & added custom claim conditions — with an allowlist for those who completed the Layer3 quest to mint for free, waiving the 0.01 ETH price that was available to the public in the second phase.

Decent also used custom extensions to integrate metadata randomization (using Chainlink VRF in the thirdweb SDK) for the rarities of the boxes to be shuffled when claimed — along with the Delayed Reveal feature to drive engagement & get users excited for the grand reveal.

A personalized smart contract Overview page in the thirdweb Dashboard

Once the smart contract was set up and deployed, thirdweb automatically generated a personalized dashboard, including 1) a Build tab that they could use to read and write data from the contract using the thirdweb SDK, and 2) a pre-built, customizable NFT Drop embed that can be dragged & dropped into any app or website:

A pre-built, customizable embed for the Mystery Box NFT Drop
See the Mystery Box dashboard for yourself!

Creating a token-gated Shopify site for holders to claim prizes

In the third & final phase of the Mystery Box activation, the Decent team created a claim website for users to redeem their prizes based on the rarity of their Mystery Box — with curated physical & digital items from Decent, Uniswap, Disco, and KidSuper.

A token-gated Shopify website for users to access & claim the prizes they won

To do this, Decent used thirdweb’s CommerceKit to create a token-gated Shopify storefront — allowing users to connect the wallets, verifying the rarity of the Mystery Box NFT they hold based on its metadata, and enabling them to claim the merchandise prizes corresponding to their boxes.

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On the claim site, the Decent team also used thirdweb's Wallet SDK to integrate a seamless, beautifully-designed Connect Wallet UI component into the Mystery Box NFT Drop and the Shopify storefront — built for any stack and any EVM chain, and with advanced features such as:

  • Full customizability: With built-in support for the most popular connectors and 170+ wallets (including options for non-custodial, custodial, email, and smart contract wallets), users were able to connect to the drop website with the wallet of their choice. Learn more about web3 wallets.
  • Personalized user experience: The Connect Wallet component automatically detects which wallets a user has installed on their browser, recommending them to select a wallet that they can get started with easily.
  • Onboarding for new users: The modal comes with an easy step-by-step flow for new users to create their first web3 wallet in minutes.

Decent integrated web3-native, passwordless authentication for the Shopify website with just a few lines of code — enabling users to sign in and get started in seconds.

Wallet SDK: The Complete Web3 Wallet Toolkit | thirdweb
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Looking into the future: Creating seamless cross-chain web3 apps that are accessible to all

As Decent continues to empower creators & developers to build in web3, the team is excited to continue using thirdweb’s tools to create delightful digital experiences for its users.

thirdweb’s dashboard provided a seamless experience to deploy the Mystery Box NFT, manage metadata for each token, and link these NFTs to IRL merchandise, providing a unique experience for collectors.

Their team was responsive and provided terrific support as we leveraged thirdweb’s full stack of products to deploy this site under a tight timeline.

– Charlie Durbin, Co-Founder @ Decent

From pre-built customizable smart contracts to robust SDKs for every stack, thirdweb provided the Decent team with everything they needed to launch the Mystery Box NFT Drop — enabling them to focus on creating a delightful user experience & launching a successful activation.

If you’d like to learn more about how thirdweb can accelerate your business & web3 development workflow, reach out to the team directly — or start building for free: