Brings Collectors Onchain with Seamless NFT Payments Brings Collectors Onchain with Seamless NFT Payments is a marketplace and tokenization app that enables anyone to own, manage, and trade physical collectibles onchain — bringing true digital ownership, provenance, and global access to the $400B collectibles market.

Courtyard does this by insuring & securing physical collectibles in vaults operated by Brink’s, creating rich 3D models of the assets, and minting them as NFTs on the blockchain. The NFTs can then be bought with credit card or crypto, traded between users worldwide in seconds, and exchanged for the physical asset whenever they want.

The platform

Courtyard supports all kinds of collectible cards — from Pokémon cards, to all varieties of sports cards, to VeeFriends cards. The team also regularly holds curated mystery pack Drops to provide a fun way for enthusiasts & new collectors alike to participate.

Courtyard’s mission is to bring the power of the blockchain to all collectors — delivering a seamless UX that makes it accessible for anyone to use, regardless of whether they have any experience in web3.

A core feature of this is for new users to be able to buy NFTs using a credit card — removing the need for them to purchase and deposit crypto.

As part of this, thirdweb is proud to power Courtyard’s fiat Checkout — enabling users to buy digital assets, with just a credit card, in under a minute.

Onboarding collectors to web3, without the complexity

Fiat NFT checkout on, powered by thirdweb

Courtyard’s mission is to bring the power of the blockchain to all collectors — including those who have never created a wallet or bought crypto before.

But web3 onboarding can be a major obstacle to mass adoption. New users must create a web3 wallet, purchase crypto from a fiat on-ramp provider (needing to complete their AML & KYC processes), transfer the funds to their wallet, and bridge them to the correct chain just to make a purchase. This buyer journey is complex & intimidating, leading to high churn.

Enter thirdweb’s NFT Checkout: Empowering anyone to sell digital assets to their customers in seconds. Our Checkout product makes it seamless for anyone to make onchain purchases in 1 click — available on any EVM chain, with powerful features such as:

  • Support for all payment methods: Credit & debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and crypto — or bring your own payments processor.
  • Worldwide availability: Accept payments from 190+ countries and all 50 U.S. states, with 10+ currencies and languages supported.
  • Full chargeback protection: Compliant & enterprise-ready — with built-in fraud & AML detection, 100% chargeback protection, and enterprise SLAs.
  • Web3 onboarding, built in: Create new wallets for users when they sign in with an email, Google account, or social login — and transfer NFTs instantly & automatically (or deposit to their existing wallet). Learn more about Embedded Wallets.
  • Seamless buyer flows: Provide the best UX for your customers — with instant wallet creation, NFT delivery tracking, and flexible payment options.
  • Dashboard & analytics: Understand how your customers behave with seller analytics — including buyer activity, gross revenue, NFTs minted, & number of purchases.
  • World-class DX: Create checkout links for any smart contract in 1 click, generate QR codes, and build fully-custom checkout experiences with powerful hooks & functions.

Our NFT Checkout has processed millions of dollars, and is built to scale — with ~3,000 transactions per minute, 90%+ card authorization rates, & high limits.

All of the above is available out of the box, and can be integrated in 10 minutes with a few lines of code — or anyone can use our hooks & functions to create fully-custom checkout experiences.

Supercharging collectibles with onchain payments, end-to-end

As continues to empower the collectibles market with blockchain technology, the team is excited to continue using thirdweb’s products to create delightful onchain experiences for its users.

The platform has been incredibly successful — and since debuting its marketplace just 4 months ago, Courtyard has already processed:

  • 10,500+ Tokenized real-world assets
  • 18,000+ Onchain transactions
  • $1M+ USD in transaction volume

From pre-built smart contracts to SDKs for every stack, thirdweb provided the Courtyard team with everything they needed for end-to-end credit card processing — enabling them to focus on creating smooth user experiences to onboard collectors onto their platform.

"thirdweb Checkout, and its end-to-end credit card processing, is essential in our mission to create a seamless collecting experience that’s accessible to all."

– Nicolas le Jeune, Co-Founder and CEO @ Courtyard

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