Cityverse Tycoon: The onchain Mobile Game with 200k+ Downloads

Cityverse Tycoon: The onchain Mobile Game with 200k+ Downloads

Cityverse Tycoon, a monopoly-style mobile game developed by OwnPlay, has taken the gaming world by storm, amassing over 200k+ iOS downloads in the USA alone.

The game's success can be attributed to its innovative approach to mobile gaming, leveraging web3 technology and thirdweb's tools to build a thriving onchain economy.

Cityverse Tycoon's key features include in-game NFTs, a marketplace, and seamless onboarding for non-crypto natives. By integrating these web3 elements without compromising the user experience, the game has attracted a wide audience and showcased the potential of onchain mobile gaming.

The Power of Progressive Web Apps in Mobile Gaming

One of the most significant aspects of Cityverse Tycoon's success is its use of a progressive web app (PWA). PWAs offer numerous advantages over traditional mobile apps, as they can be accessed directly through a web browser without requiring installation from an app store. This approach allows developers to bypass app store limitations and fees, providing a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

The mobile gaming industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with casual games dominating the market. According to a report by AppMagic, casual games accounted for 78% of all mobile game downloads in H1 2023. By leveraging a PWA, Cityverse Tycoon has positioned itself to capitalize on this trend and reach a broader audience.

In an interview with CryptoNews, Tomer Pascal, CEO of CityVerse Tycoon, discussed the advantages of using a PWA for web3 mobile gaming. He emphasized the importance of bypassing the app stores' fees and limitations, which can hinder the growth and profitability of mobile games.

Building an Onchain Economy with thirdweb

Cityverse Tycoon has successfully integrated web3 features like in-game NFTs and a marketplace, creating a vibrant onchain economy. Players can acquire, trade, and sell various assets within the game, adding an extra layer of engagement and ownership.

To power its onchain economy, Cityverse Tycoon leverages thirdweb's smart contracts, specifically the ERC1155 standard. ERC1155 allows for the efficient creation and management of multiple token types within a single contract, making it ideal for games with diverse in-game assets.

Onboarding Non-Crypto Natives with thirdweb Connect

One of the most significant challenges in web3 gaming is onboarding non-crypto natives. Many potential players are deterred by the complexity of setting up a crypto wallet and navigating gas fees. Cityverse Tycoon has overcome this hurdle by utilizing thirdweb Connect.

With thirdweb Connect, Cityverse Tycoon players can easily onboard without the need to pay gas fees or sign transactions. This seamless user experience is crucial in driving adoption and ensuring that the game is accessible to a wide audience, regardless of their familiarity with web3 technology.