Announcing Improved Claim Conditions

Announcing Improved Claim Conditions

We're thrilled to announce our improved claim conditions as part of v3.6.0 of our SDK!

We've been listening to your feedback, and are super excited to share with you our new and improved way of defining who, when, and how users can mint tokens from your drops.


When you release your NFTs (or tokens), you define how you want users to mint them.

Key elements of your drop including price, allowlists, release date, and supply are outlined in your claim conditions; making them super important.

You've let us know that the criteria available to be configured aren't flexible enough to power the next wave of innovation in NFTs. Specifically, limitations such as not being able to:

  • Configure multiple prices at once based on the user's wallet address.
  • Limit the number of tokens a user can claim based on their wallet address.
  • Sell your NFT in multiple currencies at once for different wallet addresses.

We noticed a trend in your feedback; specifically, the allowlist (or "snapshot") feature isn't meeting your expectations.

Let's dive into how we're reworking it.

Reworking Allowlist

Currently, the moment you upload an allowlist, no other wallet addresses can interact with your mint during that claim phase.

This immediately restricts your creative use cases and brings us to our main change:

You can now configure a base set of claim conditions that EVERY wallet address can mint NFTs under. Your new allowlist can define unique rules for any specific wallet addresses.

Let's look at what this means with a quick comparison between the current and new implementation.

Current Implementation

  • You configure a claim phase that can optionally include an allowlist.
  • The allowlist is a list of wallet addresses.
  • Each wallet address is restricted to the criteria of the claim condition. i.e. Each wallet pays the same price, in the same currency, and has the same amount of maximum NFTs they can claim.
  • ONLY those wallet addresses can mint from your drop.

New Implementation

  • You can configure a claim phase that can optionally include an allowlist (same behaviour).
  • The allowlist can now contain three additional properties per wallet address:
  • maxClaimable: the number of tokens this wallet can mint from the drop.
  • currencyAddress: the currency this wallet pays for the mint in.
  • price: the price this wallet has to pay for each token they mint.
  • ALL wallet addresses (even those outside the allowlist) can still mint from the drop under the "base" set of claim conditions.

The key difference here is that you're not excluding users by adding an allowlist anymore; your allowlist is essentially an override list over the base conditions.

What's Changed?

  • You now configure "base" claim conditions that every wallet address can mint under.
  • An allowlist is now a specific list of overrides to the base claim conditions; meaning each wallet address within the allowlist can have different rules and pay different prices, simultaneously to non-allowlist users.
  • You can still achieve the previous exclusivity behavior (i.e. only allowlist members can mint), by setting the base conditions' maxClaimable to 0.
Each address should only appear a maximum of one time in the override list. Learn why in our Design Doc.

What will you ship? 🚢

These changes provide significantly more flexibility in how you release your NFTs, enabling exciting use cases such as:

  • Free mints for your team members as part of the public sale.
  • Cheaper mints for NFT holders from another NFT collection.
  • Allowing holders of your token to claim using that currency.

With each wallet address configurable to a different price, currency, and quantity; the possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see what you build with these changes.

Got questions? Excited about the new changes? Jump into our Discord to speak directly with our team to let us know.